Need to feel confident for a photo opportunity or special event?

Have you ever looked at your makeup in photos and wondered: ‘What did I do wrong!?’?

Don’t let makeup mishaps or cluelessness spoil your next special occasion or photo opportunity. A special occasion is the licence you've been waiting for to really dress up; it's not everyday you have societal permission to be glammed up, colourful, glitzy or go all-out dramatic with your dress and makeup.

If you're like most Kiwi women, a special event such as a ball, awards night, ceremony, party or reunion is a rare opportunity to cherish and make the most of.  

Are you freaked out by the pressure of having to 'dress up'? Pro makeup affords you a few moments of peace and pampering in the makeup chair and, once you get accustomed to seeing yourself in a different light, you'll feel much more at ease in front of the cameras that inevitably pop up.  You might be surprised how beautifully pro makeup completes, complements and and 'pulls together' an outfit! 

Thinking of doing your own makeup? Shine, too much shimmer, no ‘contouring’ and wrong colour choices can all detract from a good photograph. Not sure you need makeup? No makeup, or too-little, can leave your face looking flat, undefined and fading into the background. 

I've made up teenagers off to school balls, executives going on stage at industry events, models, wedding guests, MC's, bodybuilders in bikinis, business owners and employees for new 'headshots', daughters, mums,'s your time to shine  With experience working with women of most ages, colours and skin types, I'll enhance your best features using quality, photo-ready makeup to bring out your best. You’ll be free to focus on enjoying your 'red carpet moment' without making touch-ups.  

Mobile services for the ultimate in privacy and convenience - in your home, workplace, salon or photo studio.

«Lillybeth is an extremely sort after makeup artist. Apart from being a lovely person, I have watched her transform many women. I totally recommend this lovely lady. - Nikki South (Photographer)»

«All my clients and friends who have utilised her services have remarked positively as to her expert advice, friendly nature, professionalism and the wonderful results they have received from her craft.  I consider Lillybeth to be a person of high integrity. - Jacqui Ranui (Event Planner)»

«Lillybeth is a ball of pure creative energy. Although she is qualified, Lillybeth started out self-taught. The thing I like about self-taught creatives is their ability to think outside the box.  Let her loose at your next model shoot and stand back and enjoy the result. - Logan Davey (Photographer)»


I hired Lillybeth to do my makeup for the photographic shoot for my website. She was outstanding! I have an unusual skin tone that has confused every makeup consultant I've ever worked with... but not Lillybeth. - Maria Low


«Lillybeth is a highly professional artist who is happy to fit into campaigns and provide support to the team as and when required. Cold / travel / long hours. Nothing is a problem. - Jason Marra (Fuel Agency)»




($97pp + $25 local travel)
  • A deluxe makeover with attention to detail at your location. Includes $25 travel within Tauranga (pay travel just once for bookings of 2+ people). Allow 45 mins. Temporary false lashes are $35pp. Choose from 'flare' cluster lashes or bolders 'strip' lashes to really lift your look.


($85pp + $25 travel)
  • You can enjoy the convenience of professional makeup AND hair styling together at your location! Includes $25 travel within Tauranga (pay travel just once for bookings of 2+ people). Allow 45 mins.

Let's get you camera-ready!

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