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Expecting a clichéd “from the age of four I was fascinated by my mum’s lipstick” tale?  Well that's true too, but you've probably already heard similar romantic stories from other makeup artists.


My makeup story really started when I was nine years old.  I got my first pimple.  Acne was the cause of some pretty clever insult-names when I was 10 and 11 (watch the video above to hear them).  For my intermediate school play, I was last in line for the teacher-applied makeup, in case the makeup sponges they used on me transferred my spots to the other students.  When I was 12, I was wearing foundation to school every day.  Bad skin messed up my school photos (helped by the addition of braces) and didn’t improve through high school.  Acne was near the top of the list in my teenage prayers.  I wondered if my bad skin was given to me for a purpose - maybe to teach me something I could use later in life... I struggled with red scabs that took months to heal.


I know the embarrassment image-challenges can create; the frustration, hurt, feelings of inferiority or victimhood.  But after years of skin and makeup mishaps, plus professional experience, I’ve discovered how makeup can be used not only to conceal flaws but to release a person to greater things than worrying about how they look.  


I’ve discovered when you feel attractive, a sense of freedom and gratitude powers your day.  You tackle tough times with more resilience, as a victor, rather than a victim.  And when you see the beauty in yourself, you start to see beauty everywhere.  Now I use professional makeup to release joy, self-appreciation and potential in others.  I aim to transfer what I’ve discovered and the Hope I’ve found to women of all ages, offering a refreshingly honest, sane approach to the crazy world of beauty.  


After being recruited into starting a direct-sales (party plan) business selling beauty products, I decided to branch out on my own to able to offer unbiased advice without pressure on my customer to purchase product.   In 2008 I studied Fashion & Photographic Makeup through the School of Makeup Art Technology in Tauranga.  My qualification through the London CIBTAC authority is internationally recognised.  Then - a twist!  I became in-demand by brides for their wedding makeup - bridal makeup that’s totally customised to suit the individual, with hassle-free booking and communication.  I gathered a team of artists and grew from there.  


Now I've also turned my busieness into a social enterprise, helping young mums and students with confidence, presentation and customer skills through informal makeup school. 



The cosmetics industry is alluring...but potentially dangerous to your personal beauty AND your budget.”  

Most of the beauty ‘advice’ we receive from magazines and salespeople has been skewed by commercialism; too often it’s commission-driven, rather than focussed on the customer.  


In early 2008, I saw there was nowhere in Tauranga for women to get unbiased beauty advice without the expectation or requirement to purchase product.  I’m convinced a woman’s appearance is too important to risk on commercially-motivated advice, so I created my own brand of makeup lesson - one based on hype-free, non commission-focussed recommendations - and called it ‘A Beautiful Education’.


Belief in the power of makeup to transform a person both inside and out led me to become a qualified makeup artist, but the desire to put that power in the hands of everyday women is what drove me to create my own business and perhaps industry segment as a personal makeup consultant.  My work centres around helping busy women (whether beauty-smart or makeup-clueless) become their own beauty experts.


Our mission is to:


• Encourage women toward an intelligent, principled and healthy pursuit of personal beauty


• Educate women about personal beauty, beauty products and the cosmetics industry with honest, kiwi-style advice in a hype-free manner


• Engage the hearts of Kiwi women by promoting the embrace of beauty that reflects personality, releases inner courage, and helps them live lives of significance 





We are honest about products and ingredients.  We make recommendation based not on our potential income but on the needs of the customer.  Our No-Pressure Promise is means we never ‘pressure-sell’ products at any appointment.  Product recommendations may be given when requested, but after a paid makeup lesson or makeover, our customers are free to spend their beauty budget wherever they like.



We embrace inner beauty, personality and character because this is the true strength of a woman’s outer beauty.



We promote deliberate action to improve one’s own health and appearance based on conscious and well-informed choices. < Get intentional!



We only offer techniques and routines that are effective and ‘do-able’ in real life!   We offer options for customisability to fit lifestyle and budget so skin care is given priority as a necessity, not a one-off luxury.


And two more values drive how we do business:


Global Connectedness + Local Relevance

Globally, we are passionate members of the international online makeup artist and wedding professionals communities.  We use the people, tools and information available through the internet to upskill and drive us towards excellence.  


Locally, we network with and pursue business collaborations with trusted Tauranga businesses to provide extra value to Lillybeth customers.  We make sure we can offer honest recommendations and contacts for specialised beauty products and treatments available in the BOP, to better serve our wedding customers.  We also support selected worthwhile not-for-profts and charities with our services discounted or free.  Additionally, we offer a unique product-based fundraising opportunity for schools and clubs.  Want to collaborate? Contact Lillybeth.


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