Impress your party guests, even when it's raining! Kids' Birthday Parties:

Entertain the young ones with creative face painting to help their imaginations come alive! Best booked at the start of the party as the guests arrive so everyone gets a turn to be painted, while playing, before the food and cake. Make sure to book a little extra time so parents can join the fun at the end!

Want people to remember your brand? Business Promotions / Open Days / Launches:

Create a stir and make your event more memorable with face painting for your guests and visitors. In your shop, preschool, daycare, kindergarten, school, office or headquarters, impress your parents and guests with some lighthearted, colourful fun. We can even create designs in keeping with your branding colours or theme. 

Help your adults friends get into theme! Fancy Dress-Up Parties:

Punks, rockers, pirates, superheroes, zombies...and that's just the adults! Why should kids have all the fun?

Take better family photos! Milestone Family Birthdays"

Family parties are so awesome as the young 'uns and oldies create intergenerational fun and life-long memories together. #allthefeels See your family and friends in a different light as they play up to their face-painted character, then capture it on camera for generations to look back at and remember...


Please add $10/hour for all commercial or business-related bookings. The price below applies to all other events and not-for-profit causes.
For The Kids


Suits most kids' parties and birthdays
  • Up to 1.5 hours of face painting fun
  • Best for 12-15 guests
Adults Join In!


Suits most kids' parties and birthdays with adults joining the fun after the kids are done
  • Up to 2 hours face painting fun
  • Best for 15-20 guests


Suits most business open days, promotions, festivals and crazy-big family parties at the school or marae
  • Up to 5 hours face painting fun
  • Best for 40-50 people

We've been used by (often multiple times!):

Friendly + Fun

We actually like people, especially the young at heart!

Whoever is in the face painting chair, we make them feel special. It's a tall directors chair so it's easy to feel important up there anyway, but we try to connect with the person as we paint them so they feel safe, listened to and maybe even a little bit loved.


Quality Face Paints

Unlike the 'wet' paints you can buy in stores, the paints we use are in dry cake form, so instead of the face paint cracking and peeling away from your skin, it sits flat in place for hours.

Plus we have some cool fandangled paints called 'one-strokes' and 'splitcakes' which let us do some impressive effects in just seconds, for a faster moving line and better-looking designs. 

Safe + Non-Toxic

Most people who've had itchiness or sensitivities to other face paints don't get the same reaction with the ones we use. And if someone's nervous about paint on their face, we'll just paint their arm instead!

And about glitter. Don't raid your craft supplies. Normal glitter is made from metal and has sharp edges so can easily irritate, especially if it gets into the eyes. We use rounded, cosmetic glitter made from plastic.


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