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What you'll get:  13 pages of real wedding ideas to help you wow your guests - whether your budget is extravagant or modest!  Ebook also includes links to 3 printable worksheets to help you as a couple find your unique, authentic ‘wow factors‘ for a day that truly reflects you.  Plus, you'll receive a 7-part email mini-series of personal insights from Lillybeth to help you avoid common mistakes and 'nail' the important stuff that's easy to overlook.

What brides are saying about the ebook + email series:  

"I loved reading your little series of emails.  It definitely gave a lot of things to think about!  And also helped me to answer a few problems I was having."  - Shiree

"I must say I have very much enjoyed your email series, quite informative and it's nice to have a Kiwi perspective on wedding stuff as mainly it's all American ideas when searching the web."  - Sian

"Thank you for all the reads, tips and advice. Its been great reading it all and it’s given me some great insight."  - Laura

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