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Hi Lillybeth, I just thought I'd give you a little bit of feedback on the makeup I got from you: 


I am so thrilled with it all. It’s great to have a refreshed look and to be right into enjoying make-up again rather than it being a bit of a chore as it had become, and I’m keen to do a second session with you.


I was using a fairly expensive make-up, Lancome’s Teint Idole, and I couldn’t tell the difference really between that and the Mary Kay so I decided to do half my face in one and half in the other and I truly could not pick any differenceI have also done one eye with the expensive Lancome mascara and one with the Maybelline. I could have looked quite weird as you can imagine but it was a close call with the Maybelline slightly better! 


I am delighted to have found such quality make-up for a much, much better price point.


- Kate, Tauranga (Full Makeup Consultation +  free personal shopping service)

Who is My Free, Personal Shopping Service for?

If you're a makeup wearer, but also busy or on a budget, you probably want to skip the long road of trial and error one experiences when one shops for makeup alone.

No-one really wants to buy a dozen disappointing foundations and waste oodles of time, money and energy in the process. Time especially is a non-renewable resource!

My free shopping service isn't for you if you're more concerned about a product's fancy packaging or 'designer' label than it's effectiveness.

It's also not for you only want to buy gimmicky products used by trendy youtube and instagram influencers, or if you want 100% organic, natural products (because those don't exist, and the ones that come close I've not found not so effective).

Think of me as your 'assistant buyer' or shopping buddy. 

I can't guarantee the skin and makeup products I use will work for you, but with my experience as a makeup artist and consultant, and access to brands often not found in NZ stores, I might just have the solutions you need or at least can point you in the right direction.

What do I use?

I 'cherry pick' the best from various brands. Instead of being exclusive or blindly loyal to one beauty brand, I aim to use the cheapest of the most effective makeup products on the market, especially those that are accessible in stores or online from Tauranga, New Zealand.

I check the online review database known as 'Beautypedia' before putting a product in my kit (althought not all are reviewed).

A bit of geeky research on beautypedia.com will show no beauty brand is infalliable, regardless of price tag, prestige or celebrity endorsement. In fact, some of the most expensive skincare brands are the worst rated for the inclusion if irritating ingredients! I've been using Beautypedia as a trusted resource for over ten years and you should too. It can potentially save you thousands of dollars on disappointing products and time and energy spent trying all the different formulas.

One of my favourite brands is Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Much of the Mary Kay (MK) makeup performs superbly alongside the other professional and consumer makeup brands in my kit, and rates well on Beautypedia. Other products I rely on are carefully selected items from brands NYX, Ben Nye, Yaby, Maybelline, Paula’s Choice, ColourPop, to name a few. Some are vegan and cruelty-free, some are not.

You can book a time to talk with, or meet me, to get personalised recommendations for you from the products and brands in my kit. With Mary Kay specifically, because it's not sold in retail stores, you can order through me online. If you don't need to go through me, I'll tell you how to purchase the products in stores or online yourself.

To schedule a time in my calendar for your free 15 min phone consultation (worldwide), or in-person 30 minute shopping appointment (in Tauranga), use the big purple button at the bottom of this page.

It's a great way to spend your beauty budget! Here's why:

I'm all about unbiased beauty advice and we proudly have a ‘no purchase required’ policy at  our paid bookings, but women often ask where they can purchase Mary Kay Cosmetics and the other items from my kit after experiencing them in their makeover or lesson.  

Why order your products through me?

You’ll benefit from my honest recommendations and 10+ years’ experience using MK and other products.  That means you’ll save the time and money you’d normally waste buying beauty products without an experienced opinion.

With Mary Kay Cosmetics specifically, you have 3 months to try and love the MK products...or your money back!  That’s Mary Kay’s own 90 day guarantee and I honour it with refunds or product exchanges when required.

You’ll enjoy NZ-wide delivery for just $3.95 when ordering with me (or $10 on the website) regardless of parcel size or weight.

Let's get you some honest product advice and recommendations

Does your makeup collection need a complete overhaul, or just a refresh?

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